For the lovers of the tourism of archaeological interest, we suggest you start from the archaeological site of Amphipolis, the crossroads of East and West, the ancient gymnasium, the mosaics, the majestic lion and the incredible findings that exist in the museum.

Visit the archaeological site of Philippon, the city which - in 356 B.C - Philip the second gave his name, the King of Macedons and father of Alexander the Great.

We strongly recommend you to also visit the impressive ancient theater and the archaeological museum, which offers a rich knowledge of Greco-Roman and Byzantine era.

Don't miss the cave of Alistratis, which offers a unique spectacle of stalactites, stalagmites and eccentrics.

Starting point for the lovers of the religious sights is the Eikosifoinissa's Monastery, the oldest monastery in the Balkans, with a history of about 2000 years.

In Paggaio mountain, with his pristine forests and rare vegetation, there are many, but scattered, thriving monasteries that you can visite and admire.

In this area, Apostle Paul founded the first Christian church in Europe and the in the river Zygakti, baptized the first European Christian, a woman named Lydia.